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OG ADD streamer Merch

Project Type

Merchandise and Logo design


October 2022- Present


Lead Designer

In collaboration with streamer OG ADD, I have created logos and merchandise for his channel. Unique to his (ADD's) tastes and audience feedback, I have created fun and engaging logos that mirror the nature of his channel with consistent positive feedback from both the streamer and the audience. One particular shirt design ("Long Live the Dragon King") was created in memory of a channel supporter that passed away. He had a vision shared with ADD but was never able to bring it to life. So I worked with ADD to create a shirt in his honor that encompassed everything that supporter wanted and how ADD wanted to celebrate him.

Other designs go along with the games he plays, audience favorites, matching his "chaotic" energy (his description) and even incorporating ADD himself into designs.

This project is ongoing and more designs will be added.

Please note: the "GTA Wasted," "Surprised Cat Canvas" and the "Tetris mousepad" and "tetris tumbler" designs in the merchandise link are not mine nor do I claim any responsibility for them. Those transferred over from a previous designer he had worked with and remain in his shop as audience requests.

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